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Animal Totems & Earth Medicine

Birth Totem Snake


Wolfs Moon

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Birth dates:   October 23 - Novermber22

Birth Totem:  Snake

Clan of:  Frog (Water Chief)

Wind is: West

Directional Totem is:  Bear

Conscious intent is
: Physical Fulfillment

Motive of Higher Self is:  Spiritual Union.

Plant/Flower: Thistle

Mineral: Amethyst

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Birth Totem Snake is an individual whose outer personality is driven by desires of both the physical body and the emotional heart.

In Nature, the snake is in a constant state of transformation, regeneration and renewal as he sheds his old skin, revealing a healthy, new skin to begin the next cycle of his Life.

Like their Birth Totem, individuals born under the Totem of Snake are souls compelled toward continual evolution and transformation, driven to discard the past and emerge with the new “flesh” and sight of the dawn now before them.  Yet the process is often a challenging one as in order to step into the brilliant Light of Self Acknowledgment, these individuals must first face, and then release, the painful moments of their ~past.~

Many such lessons for Birth Totem Snake, will come in the guise of physical desires as they are very sensual individuals that consciously seek to bond with anOther on a physical level.  These strong urges can be nearly overwhelming at times and may often lead one who has not integrated the Physical Self to the Spiritual, Mental and Emotional, into painful situations in which they may either unintentionally hurt another, or become hurt themselves.

The reason for this often is because there is a deeper calling that arises from the Soul of Birth Snake, the call to Spiritual Union with another.  Yet this call, when one is operating from Personality, is heard as a call to join only in physical union.  Those times when the Snake individual joins with another in an act of physical passion, yet the spiritual union is not achieved, is ultimately left with a sense of dissatisfaction.  Whether verbally expressed to their partner or not, this dissatisfaction may ultimately lead to one or both partners becoming disillusioned and wanting “more” from the relationship.

When Birth Totem Snake individual can understand the motives of the Higher Self and can attain true integration between the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Self, then the Motive of the Higher Self for Spiritual Union will ultimately be attained, both in terms of Union with the Self, and the Union with an Other.

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