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Birth Totem Falcon


Wolfs Moon

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Birth dates: March 21 - April19

Birth Totem is:  Falcon

Clan of:  Hawk (Fire Chief)

Wind is: East

Directional Totem isL  Eagle flying from the North-east

Conscious intent is: Leadership through example

Motive of Higher Self is:  Obtain concrete Knowledge through embracing the winds of experience so that the Soul may soar ever higher.

Plant/Flower:  Dandelion

Mineral:  Opal

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Birth Totem Falcon is one whose outer personality is full of movement as he flies through his daily existence seeking to forge the way ahead so that others may benefit from his ability to scout new territory.

Yet while the Falcon desires to lead, if she has not yet explored both the outer skies of her own personality (as won on the wings of experience), and integrated this Knowledge into the Life Path (as represented through her Power Totem), then she will not have the tools necessary for true leadership

Only by first thoroughly exploring her own territory, discovering the motivations behind her desire to lead and the thirst to blaze new trails, may she then have the sufficient strength to carry her further into unknown territory without causing harm to either her own inner psyche, or to lead Others into a hurricane of spiritual angst.

When one with Birth Totem Falcon has integrated the Personality with the Life Path (Soul Lesson/Power Totem) then the beauty of the falcon on the wing is a glorious one to behold.  She will rip through the sky as an arrow speeding toward its target.  His approach to his lessons will be as though they are prey to be perceived, tackled and consumed so that the lesson will not need to be repeated
In ancient times, the falcon was the hunting companion to the aristocracy.  As such, these splendid creatures were treated with honor and respect for their keen eyesight, speed of flight, and precision of movement.  Likewise, the individual with Falcon as their Birth Totem possesses the ability to time their movements along their Life Path with grace and awareness, resulting in a quickened integration with each Direction that is faced along the Sacred Hoop of Life.  This then brings them the requisite experience to fashion the tail feathers of true Leadership, and thus satisfies the Higher Self’s motivation.

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