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~Life Paths~
Animal Totems & Earth Medicine

Clan of the Turtle


Wolf`s Moon

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Elemental Chief:  Earth

Elemental Totem:  Turtle

Birth Totems within Turtle Clan:  Beaver, Bear, Goose

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Turtle Clan  individuals are the Clan which prepares the soil for planting.  You will remember form the Hawk Clan that they are the trailblazers, the scouts of the clans that envision the land.  Now the Turtle Clan follows and tills the earth to prepare it for the planting of all that is Good.

As such, these souls focus on the tasks at hand with the determination and perseverance of one with a true Mission.  They have been instilled with a desire to connect to Earth Mother and to assist Her in the process of creating Life.

In Earth Medicine, the Earth Mother is represented by the Turtle, as the provider of all Life.  Think of Sister Turtle as she walks along at a slow, yet steady pace.  She has no worry of shelter, for she carriers her home upon her back.  She has no concern of how fast she is traversing the Path, as she knows that she will arrive where she is going exactly when she is meant to.  She doesn't fear attack from predators as she knows that the armor
      like covering of her shell will protect her from all threats.  This is the Blessing of being born of the Turtle.

The challenge for one who is a member of the Turtle Clan, is to come to understand the Wisdom to be had in going Within in order to absorb the lessons they are faced with.  Yet, these lessons may instead be seen by a Turtle, as an irritating obstacle to be ploughed through, instead of as a lesson to be resolved.  Yet every obstacle, in point of fact, is merely another step along the Soul's Path to be acknowledged and absorbed, rather than       ignored in the stubborn resolution to complete the Journey.  When       Turtle Soul raise her head into the warm light of awareness and       operates from quiet perseverance, tempered with reflection, then She/He has attained the true gift of having been born of the Turtle Clan.

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