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~Life Paths~
Animal Totems & Earth Medicine

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


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1)  What are Animal Totems?

In Native American culture, there exists the recognition that there is an intricate thread between all things, both of ~flesh~ and of ~spirit~ and that the animals are our brothers and sisters . . . they are here to teach us, to guide us and protect us, and to remind us that we are the Guardians of the Earth Mother and all who dwell above, within and upon her.

There is a powerful energy which flows through All Things, what some term the "soul" or the "spirit," yet whatever label one chooses to subscribe to this pure energy it springs forth from the Source of Eternal Life and is what is known as "Medicine."  Animal Medicine is the recognition that the animals also have within them this undiluted energy or "power" and that within each creature, this energy is shaped with abilities and gifts unique to that particular creature.  Therefore, the Medicine of the Frog is just as "powerful" as the Medicine of the Bear, they are merely different kinds of Medicine.

Yet the Animal Totems are much more than guardians sent to watch over and protect us as we journey around the Sacred Hoop of Life.  Though part of their role as they walk, swim or fly beside us is as protector, they are also with us to teach us their wisdom, to guide us along our Life Path and to serve as the connecting thread between us and the ~Great Mystery~

Consider the following quote by ~Chief Letakos~ and the Role of the Animal Totems in our life journey becomes evident.

"In the beginning of all things, wisdom & knowledge were with  the animals;
      for Tuawa, the One Above, did not speak directly to man.
He sent Animals to tell man that he showed himself through the beasts,
and that from them,
and from the stars and the sun and the moon,
man should learn
. . . for all things speak of Tuawa."

The Animals Totems have various roles in our lives (for more detailed information on these roles, please visit the Totems Page by clicking here), yet the the basic precept is as outlined in the quote above, they are with us that we might Learn from them and progress along our Souls Unique Purpose for being in physical.

2)  What is a Birth disk?

A Birth Disk is the Sacred Wheel that Represents your Life here in ~Physical~  It is what traditional exoteric astrology might refer to as the "Birth Chart" or your "Natal Chart."

When we are born into this existence, we are provided with a Map, through which our Life Path is illuminated, the traits and abilities, lessons and challenges that we have been given so that we might accomplish our Soul`s Unique Purpose.

3)  What is the ~Life Path~?

The ~Life Path~ is the major Role or Lesson we have incarnated to fulfill.  It is the Soul`s Purpose, the reason for existing in the Physical Realm.

When one ponders the question, "why am I here, what is the meaning of life," what one is truly asking is, "what is my Life Path?  What am I here to accomplish?  Is there meaning to this existence, and if so, what is it?"

4)  Does everyone have a ~Life Path~?

Most assuredly, yes!  We all have a ~Life Path~ which we have agreed to fulfill long before our Soul entered its physical shell.

5) Once I know what my "Primary Totems" are, how do I ~connect~ with them?

This is a Life-Long process, yet there are some preliminary steps we can follow to initiate the process of building a relationship and integrating with our Animal Allies.  For a more detailed description of this process, please visit the ~Merging with the Animal Totems~ page by clicking here.

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