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Power Totems


Wolf`s Moon

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~Power Totem~

Chief amongst the Animal Totems, the Power Totem is our primary animal spirit that walks, flies or swims beside us as constant companion, guide, protector, teacher, soul brother/sister, and connection to the Blue Road of Spirit and the ~Great Mystery.~

In esoteric  astrology, the Soul Ray is the reincarnating You, the essence of the eternal spark which transcends physical "death" to continue its evolution as it reincarnates into different bodies, times and places so that it might experience all that it needs in order to reach the point where there is no longer the "need" to incarnate into flesh (for an insightful look into the Soul Ray, please visit Mermaid`s Esoteric Astrology by clicking here).

Similarly, the Power Totem is that Animal Spirit which is most closely related (of spirit) to us, and thus will reincarnate with us again and again, and from lifetime to lifetime, as it is our constant ally.  Much as the Soul Ray will explain the Soul`s Unique Purpose whilst in flesh , the Power Totem is a reflection of our own Soul, and likewise represents our Life Path and the major lessons, attributes and abilities of our individual and eternal spark.

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