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~Life Paths~


Spirit of Shadow Panther


Wolf`s Moon

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Role ~Bringer of Acceptance~

Lesson:  Relinquishing Control

Element: Earth/Fire

Wind:  North ~Land of the Elders & Wisdom~

Medicine:  Shape-Shifting

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Relinquishing Control

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As a Shadow Totem, Black Panther brings many lessons in Acceptance for the two-legged beside whom he/she walks.  These lessons will often include circumstances under which the individual will be presented with the necessity to relinquish control in varying measure over some area of their life or physical being.

The true pain for these individuals comes in the suddenness and totality with which they are often "forced" to give up their control, for they are highly independent and self-reliant beings.  Frequently this occurs with a life threatening illness, immobilization or extreme alteration in their physical Self so that they either find themselves (for the first time in their life) dependent upon Others, or have no control over their physical form, resulting in the sense of their body ~betraying~ them.

When the Contrary Medicine of Shadow Panther is activated unchecked, there can be a deep seated rage or self hatred that can manifest in violent outbursts of emotions, though generally the anger will be directed ~within~ rather than out toward loved ones.  In many circumstances, such self retribution can manifest as still greater complications so that the more the Shadow operates from a sense of frustration or rage at their powerlessness, the more immobilized the physical body becomes.

If the enforced relinquishment of control does not manifest physically, it will merely find another route through which to teach these souls the lesson of releasing control, or in retraining their minds in another form of self-reliance and independence.  For some, this may manifest as financial circumstances or emotional crisis in which they will need to ask for (or receive graciously without having requested) assistance from Others.  Yet the end lesson is the same, relinquishing what was considered to be independence or control prior to the events which lead them to this point, and reformulating their own ideas on what constitutes Strength and Independence.

When one with Shadow Totem Black Panther can recognize that the greatest strength comes from facing his/her "demons" straight on and acknowledges his/her fear, pain, sense of betrayal and/or ~powerlessness,~ the Wisdom uncovered that has been forged in the fires of experience shapeshifts these souls into individuals whose strength, compassion and knowledge may then serve as a beacon for all who find themselves in similar circumstances.  Then the Shadow becomes an integrated part of the Strength and Beauty of these souls as they forge ahead toward unknown horizons, comfortable in the realization that All are interconnected, for we are all here to walk beside (and to be of assistance to) one anOther.

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