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~Life Paths~

Life Theme Totems


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~Theme Totem~

While the Power Totem is the reincarnating You, and is with us from incarnation to incarnation, the ~Life Theme Totem~ is with us only for the current Earth Walk.  This is the Animal Spirit that is with us to Teach the Wisdom and Understanding of the current Life Theme, as well as to assist us in fulfilling our Souls present ~Life Mission.~

To understand a little better exactly what the role of this Animal Spirit is, perhaps it is best to begin by understanding what is meant by the Life Theme and Life Mission.

As we are standing at the Eastern Gate of the Wheel of LIfe and preparing to enter into the flesh for our next incarnation, our Soul is guided to make choices and decisions that will bring us the lessons and experiences that we need in order to best achieve the Souls growth.  Part of this is the choice of what the general ~Theme~ will be for the new incarnation.

As an example, for one who chooses the ~Theme of Truth,~ their experiences within that lifetime will be encountered so that they will learn the importance and necessity of operating from Truth, not only in the words they speak, but in the way in which they conduct their dealings with Others, how they face their own issues and lessons, and ultimately, in how they relate, respond and act upon ~Life in Physical~ itself.  Consequently, this soul may encounter many individuals and situations in which they are deceived, lied to and spoken Untruths to, causing emotional pain or perhaps resulting in financial losses, or other such manifestations that will reinforce within their own Soul the importance and value of Truth in all things.

Truth thus becomes a motto that they will then live the remainder of their life by, and held as a banner of sorts that will mark their personality (both to others, and to themselves).  This would be an example of a Life Theme.

The Theme Totem in this example then, would be one that would have Truth as an integral part of that Animal Spirits Wisdom, and hence, he/she would act as a guide, teacher and mentor to light the way toward fulfilling that two-leggeds current Life Theme.  One of the Totems that would have Truth figuring prominently in their Medicine would be White Buffalo (for a more detailed example of White Buffalo Medicine, please click here).

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