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~Life Paths~
Animal Totems & Earth Medicine

Animal Totems


Wolf`s Moon

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***Twice a month, a different animal Totem will be presented
highlighting the Medicine unique to that specific Spirit.***

This week`s featured Animal Totem:


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native bar

"I think I am a central figure,
  Standing alone,
  But when this is my thought
  I ignore my connections.

  Life is like a complex tapestry
  of threads
  Creating more and more intricate patterns.

  The more care, focus, and thought
  that is entered into this picture,
  the result.

  When I truly remember that I am a
  strand of colour,
  woven into the picture,
  and not the WEAVER,
  then will I remember my connections,
  and see how many threads
  connect me to OTHERS
  Like a family Tree,
  with limbs that reach back into Eternity.

  Then, as a spider tentatively testing the threads of his web
  I would carefully test the line,

  I will wait to see who was aware of this subtle vibration,
  Not all will feel it
  for many are still asleep
  But some will......

  And when I understand
  that I cannot be alone
  I will be happy to be a single strand of colour

***~CONNEXIONS~ is copyright Robynne Black
and may not be used without the expressed
written consent of the author***

native bar

~Do not walk behind me; I may not lead.
Do not walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Walk beside me, that we may be as One.
~Ute philosophy~

The Sacred Circle of Life is the inter-connectedness of all things, both of ~Spirit~ and of ~Flesh~ and it is the translucent, shimmering thread which binds All together.

To understand the Power of the Animal Totems, one must first conceive that they are our Brothers and Sisters, that they are the messengers, emissaries and reflection of, the ~Great Spirit.~

When we arrive in our ~Physical~ bodies, we arrive with a ~LIfe Path~ that is in essence, our "assignment" for this life, the Soul`s purpose for having incarnated.  Walking beside us throughout our lifetime, is our Power Totem, that animal spirit with whom we share an especially strong bond, what some might think of as a "guardian spirit."  The Power Totem is indeed that, yet so much more for they are our Brother/Sister, friend, messenger from the Ancestors and the ~Great Spirit.~

Each Animal Totem possesses Medicine which is unique to that creature, and therefore, what is true of the Wolf is not necessarily true of the Frog, for they each have their own story to tell us if we will but listen.

Native American culture recognizes that there is beauty in all things, that the other two leggeds, the animals, even the rocks and trees have their own special ~Medicine~ as we are all born from the ~Great Spirit~

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