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~Life Paths~

Spirit of White Tiger


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Role ~Seeker of Personal Truth ~

Lesson: Power of Conviction

Element: Fire

Wind:  South, Recalling the ~Inner Child~

Medicine: Uniqueness

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With Power and Strength, you glide through the night,
silent as the mist that evaporates with
the first rays of morning light

Eyes, glowing with a blue fire that reflect both water and sky,
you stare deeply into the Soul, leaving nothing unknown,
for all is revealed before your penetrating gaze

Keenest of all is the gaze you turn Inward,
searching the depths of your restless spirit
in a quest to know your Self

The Hunt for Personal Truth is called
. . . and swiftly answered

When the Truth is revealed, torn free from the grasp of the past,
any fear felt is faced with stealthy observation
and unrelenting determination,
for Fear now is the Prey

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Divining Personal Truth

The White Tiger`s hide of white with dark brown stripes provides near perfect camouflage during the hours of dawn and dusk, the hours during which he/she is most likely to hunt for food.  Being thus endowed, the white of the tiger appears to the eyes of potential prey, to be innocuous areas of sunlight in the forest or jungle, while the stripes provide the illusion of shadow.  Thus, it is believed that this is a spirit that dwells in both the world of darkness (physical realm) as well as that of the light (spirit realm).

***One who is blessed to have White Tiger walk beside them, is here with the Role to Seek Personal Truth.  Yet in order to thoroughly understand and absorb the lessons and responsibilities of this role, White Tiger Soul need first acknowledge the shadows that exist ~Within.~

The shadows that are represented by the dark stripes of the White Tiger, may be in the form of beliefs or behaviors which bring pain either to the Self or to Others, fear turned inward, which ultimately manifests as hatred or anger, or Untruths which he/she has borne, either through the act of omission or the direct voicing of Untruth.

Yet the challenge here is acknowledgment and the facing of Personal Truths free of judgment, self retribution or placing the "responsibility" onto another.  Instead, true integration and acknowledgment of Personal Truths comes from accepting what is revealed with an open and understanding heart, while operating with the Higher Intent to change what is ultimately harmful, painful or no longer of service to the growth of the individual soul along its Life Path.

Once this self-examination and soul level ~cleansing~ has been accomplished, White Tiger Soul may then become the gleaming example to his/her fellow two-leggeds of the gift and beauty of operating from Personal Truth.***

Strength through Conviction

The male White Tiger can average ten feet long and weigh nearly 500 pounds, with the female being slightly smaller at an average of nine feet long and weighing in at around 300 pounds.  Typical life span of the White Tiger varies between fifteen and twenty years, though some tigers have been known to live for as long as thirty years.

This magnificent creature is a deadly predator with the ability to take down prey that ranges from small wild boar, to large buffalo.  They can reach speeds of 35 miles an hour in pursuit of their prey, however they rely more upon their ability to stalk (being well camouflaged by their stripes) and their lethal pounce, than their ability to outrun their prey.

It only takes one look at the beauty, grace and power of this wonderful animal to recognize that this is a being of incredible Strength.

***White Tiger is drawn to a soul that has a powerful sense of conviction and inner strength.  Therefore, one who is blessed with this Power Totem will have strong ideas of what is "right" and "wrong," and will stand by this personal belief system, even if that means leaping in the face of popular opinion.

Naturally, this may either engender one to be an advocate of such issues as political and philosophical freedoms, or they may feel compelled to be a champion for the ~under-dogs~ of life.  However, if one is operating from Contrary White Tiger Medicine, the impulse may lean toward a judgmental attitude to any individuals who do not share their thoughts or feelings on what constitutes "right" and "wrong" thoughts, actions or deeds, or they may be arrogant in the assumption that their opinion is the only "valid" one.

Regardless of whether White Tiger Soul is operating from Higher Intent or Contrary Medicine, these individuals will be well known for their outspokenness and strength of conviction.  They are here to teach us the importance of knowing ones inner values and beliefs, and to instruct us to align the way in which we walk our Path so it is in keeping with our belief system.

When one chooses to operate from the higher vibration of White Tiger, an impassioned voice may be raised as an advocate for Balance and Acceptance, a Teacher of Fundamental Philosophy might be born, or a Leader may emerge to guide the way along the path of Universal Truth.***


white tiger face

The White Tiger is from the Bengal sub-species of Panthera Tigeris and its white coat, blue eyes and pink nose are formed from a double recessive gene, giving them a truly special and wonderfully unique appearance.

All tigers, including the White Tiger, are not typical of their other feline cousins in that they not only tolerate water, they actually enjoy swimming, playing and indulging themselves in ponds and streams and will spend a good deal of the hot days in frolicking in and around water sources.

Sadly, this Tiger is on the Endangered Species list, warning us that this magnificent and beautiful creature is threatened with complete extinction unless we, as guardians of the Earth Mother and all the dwell upon Her, act consciously to preserve this awesome animal.

***Much like their Power Totem, White Tiger Souls are individuals in every sense of the word and pride themselves upon standing apart from the group.  It is this inner drive to be recognized for their unique contributions, that will often propel he/she who walks with White Tiger, into positions of public attention and recognition.  Consequently, many leaders who have elicited sweeping changes and reformation have had the blessing of White Tiger.

White Tiger reminds us that although we are All One, it is the specialized contribution of the Individual that begins the spark that later becomes the blazing torch that illuminates the night, growing brighter with each individual spirit that contributes their own unique Light.

If White Tiger manifests the Contrary Medicine, then he/she may be the proverbial rebel without a cause, tossing a stone into a calm lake without the intent of a Higher Good being served and merely to watch the ripples spread outward.

Yet when the powerful and highly individualized energies so abundant with this Totem can be harnessed and channeled in a constructive manner, then their gift of Uniqueness can spread lasting changes that benefit the Whole.  The resulting manifestation is as a brilliant star in a night sky beckoning all to partake in the beauty and fire of Life.***

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