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Shadow of Shark


Wolf`s Moon

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Role ~Survivalist~

Lesson:  Forgiveness

Element: Water

Wind:  South~Recalling Youth~

Medicine:  Endurance

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Reclaiming Innocence

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When Shark swims beside you as a ~Shadow Totem,~ he will bring with him many lessons in Survival.

As witnessed by the Sharks survival as one of the oldest & least changed mammals on Earth, she is a throw back to the Dinosaur age and has made the leap across to our modern age with very little change in her basic physiology.

When the Shark is operating as a Power, Theme or Mission Totem, this represents a quality of great inner strength to the two-legged beside whom she swims.  Yet when operating either from Contrary Medicine or as Shadow Totem, this can indicate a resistance to change.

The manner in which this stubborness usually manifests itself is in the realm of forgiveness.  Though the forgiveness of Self is often the most challenging for the two-legged with Shadow Totem Shark, as they will replay their "transgressions" over and over in their miind`s eye in a manner of lashing themselves in self-retribution for their perceived failures or transgressions.

These individuals can also be quite agressive in verbal combat, often inflicting wounds with their words which they will of course later regret and spend a great deal of time replaying over and over until they have inflicted an equal amount of pain upon themselves.

Part of this vengefulness within the Shadow Shark individual comes from a tendency to bottle thoughts and emotions up until they reach a boiling point and then once the top is popped, words and/or energy fly with the full force of that repressed anger or hurt.  Hence, though these individuals are rarely overtly agressive, when their limit has been reached and they have been taunted to the breaking point, their stinging sarcasm and ability to "cut to the bone" will leave lasting impressions on those who are at the receiving end of such an attack.

When Shadow Totem Shark soul can learn to identify, confront and voice their anger, hurt or fear as those feelings surface and do so in a manner in which no blame is placed, then they will have learned to channel that formidable force into a constructive, rather than destructive, expression.

The gift of learning to express ones want, needs, anger, love, fear, (i.e. emotions) in a manner which is both respectful of Self and of Others rather than bottling those feelings up, ultimately manifests as these individuals reclaiming their youth.  For in the innocence of Youth is found implicit Faith in our existence, the realization that All happens for a reason.  Then the shift is made from merely "surviving life" to embracing it for all of its wisdom and beauty, fueling the ability to endure even the most challenging of lessons and still retain the blessings of Trust and Faith.

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