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Animal Totems & Earth Medicine

Birth Totem Wolf


Wolfs Moon

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Birth dates:  February 19 - March 20

Birth Totem:  Wolf

Clan of:  Frog (Water Chief)

Wind is:  North

Directional Totem is:  Buffalo

Conscious Intent is:  Compassion

Motive of Higher Self is:  Illumination

Plant/Flower: Plaintain

Mineral: Jade

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Birth Totem Wolf individuals arrive on this plane of existence to learn the gift of the ~Seer.~  As such, these souls are highly intuitive, with an ability to attain great spiritual heights as they seek Union with the Ancestors that walk the Blue Road of Spirit.

Consequently, there is a part of the Birth Wolf soul that will seem to be somewhere far away, existing in another state of consciousness and not completely in touch with their physical surroundings or ~reality~ (as most would perceive reality to be).  This is because some aspect of Birth Totem Wolf is operating at a slightly different wavelength, with one ear tuned and  listening for the Voice of the Great Mystery.

Herein lies both the greatest blessing and the greatest challenge of this particular Birth Totem.

While taking up the Robe of Physical Life, it is necessary to be in the physical world, to face in Truth those things which may be uncomfortable, painful or "ugly" as it is a part of the educational process of the soul that walks in flesh.  This is where the challenge comes for the Birth Totem Wolf individual, as these are sensitive, compassionate and tender beings that abhor the thought of Others existing in pain or suffering.

This is not to say that we need also to be of the Physical World.  In other words, while it is important for the growth of the soul to encounter, acknowledge and transmute the ~Shadow,~ it is neither necessary nor beneficial to participate in those thoughts and actions that may bring pain or suffering to Self or Others.

Equally, wolf as he/she walks beside the two-legged (in any Role of Totem, e.g. Birth, Power, etc.) is a Teacher Soul, and therefore it is part of the Life Lesson of these individuals to Teach Others the gift of  Compassion.  Yet part of the higher vibration of Compassion, is the knowledge of when to stand back and allow an Other to walk their own Path in Truth, just as the mother wolf in the wild will teach her cubs requisite survival skills so that they may then either become a contributing member of the Pack, or so that they might forge off on their own to establish a new pack.

In facing One`s own ~Shadow Self~ with Conscious Awareness, eliminating and integrating those behaviors that inflict pain or delay the progress of the Soul, Birth Totem Wolf then operates from a clearer octave of Compassion, and ultimately fulfills the Soul`s Higher Intent of Spiritual Illumination.

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