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~Life Paths~
Animal Totems & Earth Medicine

Roles of the Animal Totems


Wolf`s Moon

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“Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one
   thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to
  ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect."

~Chief Seattle~

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Explanation of the Animal Totems and their Roles
along the Sacred Hoop of Life

As the quote from ~Chief Seattle~ above so eloquently illustrates, we are all connected, not just to other "two-leggeds" and the family of man, but to the animals, the trees, the wind, the earth Herself.  Like a beautiful blanket woven from many colors and textures of thread, each individual energy contributes to this Blanket of Oneness, and all are bound together.

Our thoughts, actions and deeds not only have an impact upon our own life along the Red Road, but like a pebble tossed into a pond, the ripples of our movement along the Web has far-reaching effects.  Thus, if we callously pollute the air of the Earth Mother, dump toxins into her streams and oceans, kill her creatures and bountiful, beautiful life, we are also destroying ourselves, for one cannot cut off their own arm and not feel the pain of the loss.

Yet we can also be a positive influence upon the lives of Others, we can tread softly upon the Earth Mother and respect her creatures of the land, ocean and sky, and in this way, also heal and nourish ourselves.

When we can look into the heavens and see the love of the Great Mystery glimmering amongst the stars, feel the Divine presence in the heartbeat of a rabbit, or see it reflected in the large tender eyes of a deer, then we are beginning to Understand the intricate bond that is shared with All Things born of the Great Mystery.  This is when we begin to understand that Allies accompany us along this Journey around the Sacred Hoop of Life, and though they may be Unseen to our ~mortal~ eyes, the bond is a beautiful and intricate thread that is ever present, all we have to do is to acknowledge their presence, offer our thanks, embrace their Wisdom and Medicine, and accept the Lessons that they Teach.

Below, you will find a listing of the various Animal Totem Roles, along with a brief description of each.

***For a more detailed description and understanding of the specific roles, simply click on the individual, underlined Role names.  This will then take you to separate pages, providing detailed  descriptions of each Totem Role, from Birth Totem through Messenger Totems, along with examples that will better illustrate their individual purposes and functions in our lives.***

Let the Unfolding of the Soul`s Unique Purpose begin.

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~Birth Totem~

This is the Totem Role that we will begin with, as most individuals who have studied Native Astrology are already familiar with this particular Role.  It is the Animal Totem most often equated with the Sun Sign in traditional, exoteric astrology.

~Clan Totem~

Each of the individual Birth Totems will also belong to one of the four Elemental Clans, as delineated on the Clan Totem page.

~Power Totem~

Where the ~Birth Totem~ is the chief Teacher we have chosen to "study under" this Earth Walk, the ~Power Totem~ is the most basic and eternal expression of our Soul.

~Life Theme Totem~

In addition to the "generalized" Totems of Birth and Clan, which cover a group of people born under a certain day and month, there are several other Animal Totems that will figure strongly in our lives as we walk the good Red Road of Physical Life.  One such of these Totem Roles is the Life Theme Totem.

~Life Mission Totem~

Just as the Life Theme Animal Spirit is only with us for the current earthwalk, the same holds true for our ~Life Mission Totem,~ with he/she possessing the Wisdom and Medicine that will assist us in fulfilling our chosen Life Mission.

~Lesson Totem~

As we enter onto the Sacred Hoop, we choose the general Path, Theme and Mission of our current Earthwalk.  Additionally, we will chose the major and minor lessons that our soul will encounter so that it may evolve and move beyond the "need" to take up the ~Robe of Physical Life.~

~Messenger Totems~

In addition to the Animal Totems that we have either for the current Earthwalk (as in the Birth, Theme and Mission Totems), the Animal Spirit that is with us from lifetime to lifetime (Power Totem), and the Lesson Totems (which change within the current incarnation), there are also Spirit Totems that hover at the edge of our consciousness, acting as emissaries between the Blue Road of Spirit and the Red Road of Physical Life.

~Shadow Totems~

The Shadow Totem is the Animal Spirit that brings forth unresolved issues for resolving, unhealed pain that it may be healed, and the Personality Center operating from destructive tendencies that we might absorb and integrate the Lessons of the Past.

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