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~Clan Totem~

As with traditional exoteric astrology, where each of the twelve zodiac signs fall within a key element, each of the Birth Totems also belong to an Elemental Clan, as governed by one of the four Elemental Chiefs of Fire (Hawk), Earth (Turtle), Air (Butterfly) and Water (Frog).

***For a description of each Elemental Clan, please click the underlined text in the table below***

Hawk Clan
(Fire Chief)

Go to Hawk Clan

Falcon, Salmon, Owl

 Turtle Clan
(Earth Chief)

Go to Turtle Clan

Beaver, Bear, Goose

Butterfly Clan
(Air Chief)

Go to Butterfly Clan

Deer, Crow, Otter

Frog Clan
(Water Chief)

Go to Frog Clan

Woodpecker, Snake, Wolf

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