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~Lesson Totem~

Within each incarnation, there are many Life Lessons to be encountered, and with each of these Lessons, we are given the blessing of having an Animal Spirit journey with us, providing us with the wisdom and guidance unique to that Totem.  These Animal Totems are known as the ~Lesson Totem.~

As we acknowledge, embrace, resolve and absorb the Lessons that are presented to us while in our physical bodies, we are aligning ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously, to that Animal Totem and their Medicine.  Once that Major Life Lesson has been learned and assimilated. it is then that we shift a level in our Souls Journey and Growth, and the Lesson Totem who has journeyed beside us through that Lesson will now move aside so that the next Animal Spirit may arrive, bringing with him/her our new Lesson.

An example would be an individual who has current Lesson Totem of White Tiger.  As a Lesson Totem, White Tiger would be present to teach that individual the importance of the Power of Conviction, as this is one of the keywords of White Tiger.  It may be that the person who has drawn this lesson is a mild person by nature with a Power Totem that is inherently reserved and reticent, and yet this soul may have chosen to learn how to become more outspoken about their beliefs on the present Earthwalk.

Once this individual has learned the importance of speaking up for his/her convictions, then the White Tiger, having fulfilled its responsibility, will quietly step aside.  Perhaps the new Lesson is one of Industriousness, so where White Tiger once stood, perhaps Bee Totem will now appear, bringing with him/her the Wisdom of Industry.

And so, as the examples above are designed to illustrate, the Lesson Totems are ever-changing as we grow and evolve, with each new Animal Spirit bringing us the next in a series of lessons as he/she shares our Sacred Space on this journey around the Wheel.

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